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Value Global is at the forefront of technological innovation in the Oil and Gas Industry


In-depth knowledge and experience across a variety of ERP systems, making us uniquely qualified to address the multifaceted challenges faced by the Oil and Gas industry. We leverage our comprehensive understanding of ERP functionalities to deliver customized solutions that drive success.

Challenges We Solve

These challenges represent some of the key areas where Value Global has been actively providing expertise and solutions, helping our customers navigate the complexities of the upstream oil and gas industry effectively.

Accurate Royalty Payments and Disbursement

We have been helping customers ensure the precision of financial transactions related to royalty payments, which is crucial for maintaining trust and ensuring compliance with regulatory and contractual standards.

Suspense Transactions and Escheat Processes

Value Global assists customers in managing financial uncertainties and legal obligations related to unclaimed properties and funds, streamlining these complex processes to minimize financial risks and legal exposures.

Run Ticket Reconciliation

We support our customers in accurately tracking and reconciling the movement of goods to prevent revenue loss and resolve financial discrepancies, ensuring all transactions are correctly accounted for.

Prior Period Adjustments

Our services help customers adjust financial records to accurately reflect historical data, ensuring compliance and reliability in financial reporting and rectifying past inaccuracies.

Complex Production Allocation

We assist in managing complex scenarios such as Gas Lift and buyback operations, ensuring accurate production allocation which is essential for proper revenue distribution and operational management.

Ownership Updates for Division Orders

Value Global helps maintain and update records for property and well ownership, ensuring that revenue distributions align with current ownership to reduce disputes and streamline legal processes.

Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Mergers

We have been aiding customers in seamlessly integrating or separating assets and operations during corporate restructuring, ensuring smooth transitions and maintained operational continuity.

Data Cleansing for Vendor Information

Our team works to ensure the accuracy and integrity of vendor data, which supports effective supply chain management and procurement processes by maintaining operational and financial integrity.

Regulatory and Compliance Reporting

We assist companies in meeting rigorous reporting requirements with precision and timeliness, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies like ONRR, OGOR, and BLM to help companies avoid penalties and maintain operational licenses.

Integration with SCADA and Partner Sharing Platforms

We facilitate seamless data exchanges between SCADA systems and partner sharing platforms such as Enverus OpenInvoice and EnergyLink, enhancing operational efficiency and data usability.

Lease Operating Statement Implementation

Value Global builds and implements systems for creating accurate lease operating statements, essential for effective financial reporting and cost management.

Our Success Stories


Implementation of Quorum


Punchouts implementation with EBS linking 7 vendors


ERP application managed services for EU and EBS


ERP application managed services for EU and EBS


Oracle Divesture Implementation


Oracle Divesture Implementation


24*7 Database Managed services – ORACLE

Indigo Beam

24*7 Database Managed services – SQL SERVER

CALLON Petroleum

Building bots covering a wide range of processes including bank transfers, reverse rebook etc. Over a dozen bots have been deployed to production generating positive ROI

Services Offered

ERP Implementation and Maintenance

We specialize in Quorum, P2Energy, BOLO, SAP/PRA, and Enterprise Upstream software for mergers, divestitures, acquisitions, land operations, and royalty payments in the oil and gas business. By handling complex prior period adjustments and production allocations, firms improve operational agility, financial reporting accuracy, and asset utilization, which boost operational success and strategic growth.

Data Management

Ensuring the accuracy of master data and division orders is paramount for operational integrity and financial health. Our data management services streamline these critical processes, leading to improved royalty payment accuracy, reduced compliance risks, and enhanced stakeholder trust.

Regulatory Compliance

In an era of intense regulatory scrutiny, our compliance services ensure timely and accurate filings with agencies such as OGOR, ONRR, and BLM. This diligence helps companies avoid costly penalties, maintain their license to operate, and uphold their industry reputation.

Operational Efficiency:

Leveraging RPA tools like UiPath or PowerAutomate to automate and streamline record entry boosts operational efficiency by 30- 60%. This automation reduces manual errors, accelerates processing times, and leads to substantial cost savings, in addition to eliminating write-offs and reducing litigation risks from inaccuracies in royalty payments.

Analytics / Reporting Support:

Our analytics and reporting services enhance visibility into operations and financials, enabling companies to make informed strategic decisions. By building data lakes and facilitating complex reporting, companies gain insights that lead to operational improvements and competitive advantage.

Strategic Support:

With our Application Managed Services team, companies experience seamless support and maintenance of their enterprise applications. This strategic alignment of technology with business operations fosters an environment of continuous improvement and innovation, driving long-term success.

Why Value Global

Knowledgeable about Oil and Gas solutions

Our methodologies and templatized plans not only reduce the cost of implementations but also ensure quick adaptation to new systems, minimizing downtime and maximizing return on investment.

Decades of Implementation and ERP Expertise

Our methodologies and templatized plans not only reduce the cost of implementations but also ensure quick adaptation to new systems, minimizing downtime and maximizing return on investment.

Wide Software Integration Capabilities

Our ability to seamlessly integrate diverse software technologies streamlines operations and enhances data flow between systems, improving overall efficiency.

Solution-Oriented Approach

Understanding the common challenges faced by Oil and Gas companies enables us to deliver solutions that mitigate risks, optimize operations, and leverage technological advancements for growth.

Technological Innovation

Our focus on error reduction and software optimization ensures that companies extract maximum value from their existing infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Operational Transformation

Beyond mere technology integration, our holistic approach to operational enhancement ensures companies are more efficient, compliant, and strategically positioned for growth.

Proven Track Record

Our history of delivering bespoke ERP solutions highlights our commitment to enhancing our clients' operational capabilities and competitive advantage, underscoring the tangible benefits of partnering with us.

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