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RPA (Robotic Process Automation) adoption & implementation can significantly benefit businesses in terms of higher efficiency, cost savings, and intelligent business processes. It helps automate repetitive, rule-based tasks, allowing more time for value- added domain-specific work. Robotic process automation (RPA) services are enabling companies to enhance productivity and boost ROI.

Why RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is revolutionizing business processes

  • - Automating repetitive, rule-based tasks.
  • - Enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • - Reducing operational costs.
  • - Providing scalable solutions for growth.

Unleash its full potential

Our RPA Services

RPA Assessments

  • Evaluate and identify optimal processes for automation.
  • Review your existing automations and recommend best practices to optimize your RPA strategy.
  • Strategic planning for RPA implementation.
  • Tailored roadmaps aligned with business goals.
  • Build ROI trackers to showcase benefits to business.

RPA Implementations

  • End-to-end RPA deployment leveraging leading RPA platforms like UiPath, Open Bots or Power Automate.
  • Customized solutions for diverse industry needs.
  • Customizing integration with existing systems if needed.

RPA Managed Services

  • Ongoing management and optimization of RPA solutions to accommodate changes to business operations.
  • Continuous support and updates for your Automations.
  • Host and manage your RPA on the cloud.
  • Management and maintenance of your automation.
  • Monitoring and performance analysis on a ongoing basis.

Success stories

Callon Petroleum

Building bots covering a wide range of processes supporting business operations from accounting and integrations to their ERP. Over a dozen bots have been deployed to production generating positive ROI.


Automation to improve productivity and efficiency of the workforce to speed up the process of onboarding customers to their insurance plans on an annual basis.

AGGREGATE Technologies

Automation to pick up leverage OCR to scan invoices and load them to their accounting ERP systems. Automation includes process for review and approval before payment by managers by their areas of support.

Client Testimonial

Why Value Global for RPA?

  • - Expertise in diverse RPA technologies and industries.
  • - Proven track record of successful RPA implementations.
  • - Customized solutions tailored to your business needs.
  • - Comprehensive support from assessment to ongoing management.

Value Global Expertise

We specialize in various RPA platforms, including UiPath, Openbots and Power Automate, ensuring versatile and robust automation solutions for your business.

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